We are a Cambridge-based society hosting chemistry talks, usually on Friday nights in term time. Our events are always free to attend and usually feature wine and refreshments!
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The Cambridge University Chemical Society is a student-run society that hosts a variety of events with talks relating to all areas of chemistry, as well as larger scale ventures such as the International Year of the Periodic Table Symposium.
Our events (with wine and refreshments!) are free to attend and offer a brilliant opportunity to connect with students at all stages of their academic careers. Our talks are often given by world-leading academics and serve as an excellent introduction into the wide range of research interests that chemistry encompasses. We also organise careers events, dinners, and more informal social events like the ChemSoc Pub Quiz.

Executive Committee


Kirpal Grewal

St Catharine's College

Call me: Polonium

I'm Kirpal, a second year chemist. I particularly enjoy theoretical and computational chemistry and how modelling can be used to help us in our understanding of complex reactions. Outside of chemistry, I enjoy rowing, cycling and playing guitar.

Junior Treasurer

Yuxin Liu

Murray Edwards College

Call me: Cobalt

Hi, I'm Yuxin. Chemistry is a magical discipline. I hope everyone can enjoy the subject here at ChemSoc!


Yizhe Lou

Clare College

Call me: Chlorine

I'm Yizhe, 2 second year chemist. Chemistry is a beautiful subject to me as it seeks to explain complex reactions with elegant models. I enjoy both organic and inorganic chemistry.

Publicity Officer

Ellie Dimmick

Emmanuel College

Call me: -



Agustin Lorusso Notaro Francesco

St Catharine's College

Call me: Sulphur

I’m Gus, and I want to be a researcher. Hope to increase everybody’s enthusiasm in modern research, and have fun while doing it. I love to swim, butterfly stroke of course.

Sponsorship Officer

Zhi Yan Lee

Pembroke College

Call me: Carbon

Hi, I am Zhi Yan. I enjoy anime.


Meng Siong Chen

Downing College

Call me: Sodium

I’m Siong Chen, an incoming 3rd year Natural Sciences student from Singapore! My interest in chemistry stems from the fact that it’s the central science – it’s at the intersection of physics, biology, materials science and it’s really cool how it lends itself to support so many aspects of science. When I'm not busy with chemistry, I enjoy reading, running and board gaming.

Logistics Officer

Xianzhen Lin

Wolfson College

Call me: -

I'm Lin, 1st year NatSci who enjoys the intersections of science. I enjoy reading and catching some z's

Publicity Officer

Sergiu Petrusca

St John's College

Call me: Tellurium

Hi! I am Sergiu, a third year chemist from John's. When I'm not in the organic lab getting the wrong spot out of the column, you could see me taking also wrong pics with my camera through the town.

Inclusion and Outreach Officer

Yuchi Guo

Homerton College

Call me: Hydrogen

I'm Yuchi. I love spectroscopy, which is solving puzzles to usefully identify the chemicals. I hope chemistry will be accessible to all so that more people can learn about it.

The committee is elected every year at our AGM.

Our constitution outlines how ChemSoc is run.

If you would like to contact ChemSoc, please use the society email address: You can also drop us a message on our Facebook page by pressing the chat button. We would love to hear from anyone who is interested in ChemSoc or who would like to collaborate with us!

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